Meteorites are meteors that have made their way to the earth’s surface. Unlike meteors, meteors are rocks that are in outer space. To reach the earth’s surface, meteors have little chance. Actually, if a meteor hits the earth the impact is not too dangerous because the majority are already in small pieces except those that hit the earth are asteroids. If this happens, there will be a mass extinction of all creatures on earth, such as during the time of the dinosaurs. The extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a violent collision between an asteroid and the earth.

But you know, although in general meteors falling to earth will shrink when they fall to earth because they pass through the atmosphere, there are also very large meteor stones falling to earth. Curious? Here’s a list of the 5 largest meteorites in history that fell to earth.

  • Willamette

This meteorite stone was found in the United States with a length of 7.8 square meters and weighs 15.5 tons. This meteorite is made of iron and nickel. It was acquired by the American Museum of Natural History in the city of New York in 1906. The discoverer of this meteorite was Ellis Hughes where at the time the miner was mining the rock he was well aware that the stone found was not just a rock. In fact, it is said that it took him three months to move this stone more than three miles from the land of the company he worked for, but he was caught.

  • Mbozi

The second meteorite stone was found in Tanzania in 1930. This stone has a length of 3 square meters and weighs up to 25 tons. If we compare it with Willamette stone, the weight of this meteorite almost doubles. But strangely, this stone had been used as a sacred stone for the people of Tanzania.

  • Cape York

Next up is the Cape York meteorite. This meteorite rock was discovered in 1993, in Greenland. This rock is predicted to collide with the earth about 10,000 years ago. This meteorite rock weighs 20 tons. Currently the meteorite stone is stored in the Geological Museum of the Univ Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • El Chaco

This meteorite is the second largest meteorite in the world. This meteorite was first discovered in Argentina. The impact of this rock formed a 60 square km crater. Just imagine how terrible the collision was. This stone fell to earth estimated tens of thousands of years ago. The weight of this stone is 37 tons with a length of 6.5 square meters.

  • Hoba

The world’s number 1 largest meteorite is the Hoba Meteorite. This meteorite has the heaviest weight of 60 tons and a length of 6.5 square meters. This rock landed approximately 80,000 years ago and was never moved until now due to its enormous weight and size.

Just imagine you live in the age of the giant meteorite falling. It’s terrible isn’t it? Fear wrapped in amazement makes us grateful to live in the present, right?

Those are the six largest meteorites that have ever fallen to earth. How ? Are you amazed? We hope that the information we provide is useful and adds to your insight. See you again with other updated information about the scientific world. Thank you.

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